Patriarshy Dom Tours, a Russian - American Cultural Center in Moscow, is operating as a full service travel agency, consistently enlarging the number of services offered, as well as developing Russian / English language tutoring school.

"It is often difficult to organize things in Moscow, especially at such short notice. You made it seem effortless. It was a real pleasure dealing with you. Everything was superbly organized and all efforts were obviously made to increase our enjoyment. You have never disappointed us and we all appreciate your work...we look forward to dealing with you again...and again.. and again!'' (International Women's Club, Moscow)

Patriarshy Dom Tours can provide services such as:

  • unique group tours, led in each case by an expert in the field.
  • booking of airline, hotel and car reservations in Russia.
  • special private tours tailored to individual interests, both in Moscow and St.Petersburg.
  • group or private Russian /English language classes at all levels.
  • interpreting and organizational support for business negotiations.
  • visa support.
  • relocation - orientation programs.

      Through our affiliation with industry associations, Patriarshy Dom Tours is able to provide discounted rates for air fares and hotel accommodations to its clients.

"In Moscow the excellent guides of the Patriarshy Dom company lead tours around the Kremlin, Red Square, the Arbat (an old trading street) and the homes of famous authors, composers and artists. They also take groups further afield" (Elizabeth Grant, Shell, March 2000).

      Patriarshy Dom Tours initiates the action, Help kids. We believe that if everybody, each of us tries to help the kids (those in the orphanages, schools and hospitals), just one kid, their lives will probably be happier and brighter. (Clean pieces are appreciated).
      We appreciate the assistance of the International Women's Club: the charity committee of WIC kindly agreed to assist us in this effort.

To find out more about our services, please contact us: